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Joe Exotic Is So Sure He'll Get A Pardon From Trump That He's Already Planned A Welcome Home Party

Joe Exotic Is So Sure He'll Get A Pardon From Trump That He's Already Planned A Welcome Home Party
Netflix; Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

The legal team for Joe Exotic is so sure that he's going to be pardoned, they have a limo on standby to pick him up.

Exotic, real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, submitted an application and handwritten letter to President Trump—to the tune of 257 pagesto be pardoned from his 22-year prison sentence.

Now, he believes the pardon is just a matter of time.

According to a report from TMZ, The "Tiger Team" has received multiple calls from officials in Washington D.C. regarding the process of Exotic's pardon. They feel so good about his chances, they have a homecoming party planned.

They have an agreement with a limo company to keep a stretch pickup truck limo on standby, ready to go get Exotic the minute he's pardoned.

Which, if Exotic were pardoned this year, would be the most 2020 thing to happen.

The Tiger King star has been trying to leverage his newfound infamy into a pardon since the documentary went viral earlier this year. With everyone talking about the show, Exotic tried asking for a pardon, and got a response from the President, who said he'd "take a look" at his case.

There was no movement after that, so Exotic's husband, Dillon Passage, drove across the country in a bus that said:

"President Trump Please Pardon Joe Exotic"

Finally, in September, Exotic's legal team submitted a formal application for his pardon, along with a personal, handwritten note from Exotic to Trump arguing his case.

And now, two months later, the team is feeling really confident.

Exotic is in prison on many charges, including falsifying wildlife records, violations of the Endangered Species Act, and most infamously, a plot to hire an assassin to kill his rival, Carole Baskin.

After trying to have a worker kill Baskin—the would-be hitman ran off after getting paid—Exotic tried again. Only this time, the assassin was actually an undercover FBI agent.

Arrested in the murder-for-hire plot, Exotic's personal zoo was investigated and numerous other crimes were discovered.

And now he believes he should be pardoned.

Whether or not Exotic gets pardoned remains to be seen. While a litany of pardons at the end of a President's term is common, President Trump is currently a little preoccupied with other matters.

At this point in time, Trump is trying to overturn his loss in the 2020 Presidential Election to Joe Biden who won the popular vote by over 6 million votes and the electoral tally by 74 electors.

If Trump is going to pardon Exotic, he has less than 60 days to do it.