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Trump's 'I WON THE ELECTION!' Tweet Is Getting Trolled With All The Things People Didn't Actually Do

Trump's 'I WON THE ELECTION!' Tweet Is Getting Trolled With All The Things People Didn't Actually Do
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

To say that Donald Trump has struggled to accept the results of the 2020 election is an understatement.

He has filed multiple lawsuits to delay results, has sewn discord by promoting election fraud conspiracies, and has issued directives as though he won and will continue his presidency beyond January.

Perhaps nothing has showcased his denial quite as succinctly as a recent midnight all-caps tweet.

The tweet, like many since November third, has been flagged as factually incorrect. Official sources have projected Donald Trump has lost both the electoral college and the popular vote by significant margins in this history-making election.

The Associated Press, a source that is considered generally nonpartisan and which the Trumps themselves have recently cited, did not mince words when it came to this tweet.

They dismissed it, saying merely that it:

"sought to perpetuate the mathematically impossible and thoroughly debunked myth that he pulled out a victory from the election that definitively chose Democrat Joe Biden as the next president."

Twitter wasn't so quick to dismiss the tweet. Few outside of Trump's core fan-base believe there is any truth here, so people decided to do a little fact-checking of their own.

And that's how the phrase "no you didn't" ended up trending.

Once the fact-checkers had done their job, it was time for the roast-masters and meme-makers to take a swing at things. Many took the opportunity to celebrate all of the wonderful things they, too, have accomplished.

Donald Trump would be escorted off the White House grounds by the Secret Service if he refused to leave.

One former presidential transition official explained:

"They would treat him like any old man who'd wandered on the property."

Our sincerest congrats go out to all the "winners."