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Joe Biden Channels The Onion's 'Diamond Joe' Parody Of Him In New Web Video


Former Vice President Joe Biden released a new campaign ad this past Wednesday, August 5, that had many people online fondly remembering the old Onion articles archiving the tales of "Diamond" Joe Biden.

"Diamond" Joe Biden rose to prominence during the Obama era, when Joe Biden was satirized by the Onion as America's wild Uncle.

Some of the Diamond Joe stories include "Biden Receives Lifetime Ban From Dave & Buster's," "Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am In White House Driveway," and "Biden To Honor Fallen Soldiers By Jumping Motorcycle Over Vietnam Memorial."

This new spot, which features Biden lovingly talking about his American-made car, has many people looking back at Diamond Joe and his famed Trans Am.

The ad, goofy as it may be, had many people ready to cast their votes for President.

Some online wondered whether the Biden campaign was intentionally leaning into the beloved Diamond Joe image.

The last Diamond Joe article run by the Onion was titled "Biden Pulls Off Dusty Tarp Covering Old Campaign Motorcycle.'"

Joe Biden is hitting the road and he's inviting you along.

Here's to you, Diamond Joe! May your Trans Am never stop doing donuts in that Dave and Buster's parking lot.