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So Much Bizarre Stuff Happened In 2019 That Jimmy Kimmel Made Some Things Up And People Were Still Convinced

2019 has gone on forever.

So much has happened that it's hard to keep track of it all! Jimmy Kimmel, who's been joking about the news every night, knows this better than most and decided to highlight it during a year-end edition of his man-on-the-street segment "Lie Witness News."

In the segment, random people were approached on the sidewalk and asked to respond to made-up events from 2019. Many of them had some pretty fascinating insights!

Lie Witness News – 2019 Year End Edition

In vivid detail, people remembered watching Donald Trump make friendship bracelets with the Taliban.

They recalled when North and South Korea reunited.

And when Kellyanne Conway re-opened the government with a bucket of McRibs.

It was definitely a shock when Kanye West stole Greta Thurnberg's microphone at a climate change protest.

But at least we all have these cherished memories to look back on.

If anyone doubts how long 2019 has been, they can always take a glance back at some of the year's other "Lie Witness News" segments.

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Lie Witness News – Trump Watergate Edition

Lie Witness News – Trump Signing the Declaration of Independence

These laughs got us through many hard times in the year.

Happy 2020, everyone, may it be a little less crazy than we're used to!

And just remember, in the 20th century they were the Roaring 20s.

Can we recapture that again?

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