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Jewelry Store Employee Calls Out Guy Who Bought A Ring For His Girlfriend—And One For His 'Side Piece'


A woman working in a Jewelry store in Montreal, Canada caused quite a stir in her viral TikTok video exposing a man for buying two rings: one for his girlfriend and one for his 'side piece.'

Eli, who goes by @ferreiroroche on TikTok, posted a video about a man who came into the store named Jake.

She captioned it with:

"Gotta support my girls."

Gotta support my girls #foryou #fyp

The TikTok text said:

"If your boyfriend's name is Jake and he lives in [Montreal]. He just bought two rings for 'his girl and his side piece'."
"You deserve better."

Then she showed a ring with a silver band and a red heart shaped gem next to a silver band with a diamond. Hopefully, not every boyfriend named Jake is getting dumped after this.

Though, the comments were making some bold statements about men named Jake, or J names in general.




But overall, the comments were positive and appreciative of her post.





This TikTok went so viral, it was reaching other countries across the world.






One person pointed out how, though this was a noble act, her actions could be considered a breach of privacy.


But don't worry, @ferreiroroche quit the week prior and ended up posting this video on her last shift.


Reply to @idkusernameundecided always respect company rules and expose pests.

As for the infamous Jake, we got an update just yesterday saying the two girlfriends were confirmed to be the ones.


Reply to @ferreiroroche update: thank you to everyone who sent it around!

She said:

"He has been caught!"
"I received a [direct message] three days ago asking me to confirm with a [picture] of him and both girls were not aware."
"She sent me a picture of the rings but bother girls wanted to keep their names private."
"They are both no longer speaking with him and all three of us have a [Snapchat] group chat."

Thank goodness for a happy ending.