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Jennifer Garner Hilariously Recounts The Awkward Moment She Sent A Selfie To The Wrong Number

Jennifer Garner Hilariously Recounts The Awkward Moment She Sent A Selfie To The Wrong Number
Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Jennifer Garner shared on Instagram the moment she sent a selfie to the wrong number and now she's feeling humbled.

Garner was trying to get ahold of her former Alias co-star Carl Lumbly, with no luck.

The caption read:

"You know the one time you take a selfie to prove to someone you're you?"
"And get a 'wrong number' message just as it's gone out into the world?"
"Well, it's humbling, isn't it. #IfYouAreWorkingWithCarlLumbly #PleaseTellHimImLookingForHim #BristowAndDixon"

The message read:

"Carl--this is Jen G. Here comes proof."

Before she could send her "proof," the stranger responded:

"Wrong number."

She sent the selfie before she saw the person's blunt response.











Lumbly and Garner were co-stars for five seasons in the early 2000s hit spy thriller Alias. Garner's performance won her a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award along with 4 Primetime Emmy nominations.

Garner recently posted a video of her former castmates 20th reunion party, showing side by side of what they looked like then and what they look like now.

The video included Michael Vartan, Merrin Dungey, Kevin Weisman, Gina Torres, Mia Maestro, and Victor Garber. Carl Lumbly who's best known as Isaiah Bradley in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier did not make an appearance in the video.

Garner explained that the shows creator, J.J. Abrams, couldn't make it that night.

Her caption said:

"Since the end of the show, April of 2005, running into a cast or crew member from Alias has always led to this question—When will you get everyone back together for a reunion?"
"The 20th anniversary seemed like as good an excuse as any, so the call went out—reunion party is happening, pass it on!"
"We missed everyone who was working and couldn't make it in."
"We missed you, Jabrams, (because I screwed up and made this happen on a night you were busy). But man, it felt so good to be together again."

Now the actress has made this an excuse to start using TikTok.