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Jennifer Garner Loses It While Playing 'What's In My Bag?' After Discovering A Boatload Of Snacks

After the actor was sharing the contents of her backpack on Instagram, a theme started to emerge as she kept pulling out more and more packages of candy and nuts.

Screenshots of Jennifer Garner from her Instagram video

Celebrities are just like everyone else! That is, if everyone else carries around a giant bag full of snacks.

Actor Jennifer Garner recently participated in a "What's in my bag?" video, and became increasingly embarrassed as she pulled several bags of nuts out of her backpack, alongside other items.

Other items included a double-sided glasses case, a notebook, books, pens, an iPad, and many bags of candy, or former bags of candy.

As she drew bag after bag of nuts out of the backpack, Garner started to laugh. At the end, she lined up all the bags, still in the packaging or loose in slightly bedraggled ziplocks. There were eight in total.

People went for some obvious puns.





Others wondered if the bag belonged to Garner or to a squirrel.




People also commented on the contents that weren't nuts.




Really, folks said, she's quite relatable and down-to-earth.




Garner's relatability has been a key point in her career. We're so happy that hasn't changed!