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Jennifer Garner Posted A Meme About The End Of Summer That Parents Will Definitely Relate To 😂


Jennifer Garner just posted a meme on her Instagram, and parents everywhere are saying, "I'm with her".

Yes, the oh-so-relatable actress, who has probably convinced a good number of you to get the Capital One Venture card, just meme'd herself on her Instagram.

The result? The purest mom moment ever.

The 46-year-old mom's post shows two pictures of her. The first she is holding a paper labeled "fun summer ideas", grinning in her typical radiant beauty. The caption reads, "Moms: First day of Summer". The second pictures the actress covered in fake blood from her upcoming film, Peppermint. Its caption reads, "Moms: Last day of Summer".

Jennifer Garner has 3 children with soon-to-be ex-husband, Ben Affleck. The oldest is Violet, age 12, their second child is Seraphina, age 9, and their youngest is Samuel, age 6.

Critical parents, don't worry. Jennifer's meme is all laughs.

Last month, she brought her kids to her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. While accepting her star, she adorably addressed her children.

"For my children, when you walk over this star, I want you to remember first of all that I love you and that this is about hard work and good luck and not a whole lot else."

The meme has over 200,000 likes on Garner's Instagram. People can't stop laughing at her brutal honesty.

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Happy first day of school to parents and teachers everywhere!

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