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Pro-Trump Pastor Complains The Church Is Now 'Almost Homosexual', Unlike 'Tough Guy' Jesus

Pro-Trump Pastor Complains The Church Is Now 'Almost Homosexual', Unlike 'Tough Guy' Jesus

This past weekend, at Evangelical Christian Ignite Faith Church in Redmond, Oregon, self-proclaimed "prophet" Pastor Jeff Jansen delivered a sprawling address to parishioners who attended the "REIGN Conference"—an event billed as a celebration of the fact parishioners "were created to rule and reign!"

Jansen grew rather comfortable as he worked his way through the speech, pacing back and forth in front of huge television monitors and an empty soundstage.

So comfortable, in fact, it didn't take long for the homophobia to come out, Right Wing Watch reported.

In one fell swoop, Jansen managed to characterize Jesus as a Hollywood action star and lament the very idea of homosexuality.

"Jesus wasn't a wimp. He was a tough guy. He was a man. OK? He was a man. When they were selling in his Father's house, he went and he braided a whip. Now, that takes time."
"He's braiding a whip, and he's like, 'I'm coming for you, coming for you.' … He was very deliberate, and he was mad. He's a man. He whipped them. Sorry. Just whipped them. 'Oh, Jesus wouldn't do that.' The heck he wouldn't."
"He was a man. But the church—the ekklesia, the government of God—has been so neutered and so turned effeminate, almost homosexual."
"I'm just telling you straight up. It's just ridiculous. Where are the men? Where's the maleness? Where is the 'I will defend the children, I will protect the family?'"

Specifically, Jansen boasted about the very masculine, holy, and heterosexual nature of his church's security apparatus.

"My ushers at my church, they all pack. I mean, they all pack. You come to my place, and you think about starting something, you're dead. They'll kill you. They'll shoot you because they're gonna protect everybody else. You try to pull something, you're dead."
"I said, 'Listen, guys, if I'm up there preaching and somebody comes up running, make sure you get them. Just kill 'em. Just shoot 'em dead'."

You can watch Jansen's speech here:

Needless to say, many people who saw the clip were horrified.

At the very least, Jansen's speech clarified for many people the importance of staying very far away from his church if you are someone who'd rather not interact with a cadre of men who love guns as much as they hate gay people.