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Janet Jackson Surprises UCLA Gymnast With Emotional Video Chat After Her Floor Routine Went Viral

Janet Jackson Surprises UCLA Gymnast With Emotional Video Chat After Her Floor Routine Went Viral
Katharine Lotze/Getty Images; @janetjackson/Instagram

We've surely all imagined having one of those "big moments" in our lives, like winning a top award or hearing praise from one of our heroes.

UCLA Gymnast Margzetta Frazier experienced both of these big moments last week when she received a nearly perfect score of 9.925 out of 10 at UCLA's meet against Brigham Young University which prompted a very special call from one of her idols.

Frazier performed her routine to two of Janet Jackson's songs, "Nasty" and "If," and incorporated choreography from both of these songs' music videos into her performance.

Frazier's routine looked seamless and effortless as she confidently danced and stuck each of her landings.

You can watch the performance here:

Frazier's tribute to Jackson's performances of "Nasty" and "If" was not missed by her fans.

And it seems her tribute was not missed by someone who knows Janet Jackson herself.

On the morning of Friday, February 19, Frazier received a text message stating she would be receiving a special phone call.

Just minutes later, she was on the phone with Janet Jackson herself.

Jackson recorded the call to share on social media, so she could share something beautiful with her fans.

Jackson said to an emotional Frazier:

"I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent."
"It's so beautiful to see you tumble, really inspiring."
"And it just inspired me to want to do more and be better and be stronger. I absolutely loved it."

Jackson even said that she would love to learn to do what Frazier does, and she would love for Frazier to be the one to teach her.

"I would one day love to learn to tumble. And if I do, I would love for you to teach me!"
"I did it once in the video, "Pleasure Principle," but the way it was shot, people didn't think that it was me, but it was me doing the backflip!"
"I would love for you to teach me... Hopefully I don't break anything!"

Fans absolutely loved how Jackson reached out to Frazier.

Jackson surely made Frazier's day with her compliments and desire to learn about her routines.

It's incredible to see artists celebrating other artists and women lifting other women up.