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Jamba Juice Robot's Attempt At Pouring Smoothie Goes Quickly Awry—And People Aren't Impressed


In December of 2020, Jamba Juice launched an automated kiosk that blends and serves their smoothies with a robotic arm.

However, a TikToker shared a video of the smoothie maker missing the mark, literally. The smoothie almost entirely missed the cup and landed in a puddle on the counter.

TikToker @cyncity22 shared the 13 second video which now has 1.9 million views and 169.6 thousand likes.

The overlay text read:

"Jamba Juice should rethink this whole robot worker thing."

@jamba Thanks for the coupon I guess. #ohno #jambajuice #robot

The robotic arm tipped the blender over, began shaking it's arm and then the green drink plopped out while only partially making it into the cup.

TikTok began anthropomorphizing this robotic arm and many felt quite sympathetic for the little guy.








Cynthia also put the video over a hilarious audio clip:

"Now I'm panicking."
"Don't panic."
"No I am because I'm gonna lose my job."

Reply to @kyleighweber Poor little guy. #jambajuice #robot #losemejob

One commenter made a point about robots taking away the jobs of workers.


The robotics company, Blendid, who partnered with Jamba Juice to try out these robots, is trying to partner with more restaurants and retailers to give customers a "unique" experience.

These kiosks can make 45 drinks in one hour. No workers are needed.

The orders, payments, and creations are all managed by the machine.