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'A League Of Their Own' Reboot Star Abbi Jacobson Rips Trolls Whining About Show's Diversity

'A League Of Their Own' Reboot Star Abbi Jacobson Rips Trolls Whining About Show's Diversity
Amazon Prime

The Abbi Jacobson-led reboot of the beloved movie A League of Their Own premiered recently on Amazon Prime.

The film is a fictionalized account of the very real formation of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL), which was started in the 1940s when some men's baseball players were serving in WWII.

Jacobson's reboot as a series aims to revive the original spirit of the movement and film, while also addressing the not very diverse casting and writing decisions of the original movie.

This has not made Jacobson friends, with backlash reviews coming in quickly after the show launched.

Showrunner Jacobson doesn't have a personal Twitter account, so they used the show's account to address the critiques head on.

Will Graham, the other creator of the show, created a thread in his own Twitter addressing the "historical basis" of the league that reviewers were critiquing.

He specifically posted links to articles with a queer history of the original league, as well as the women of the Negro Leagues.

Replies to Jacobson's tweets—and to the show itself—are largely positive on Twitter, however.

The bad reviews appear to be limited to other forums.

People specifically praised the show's decision to lean into the real world diversity often left out of history and tell those stories.

Others mentioned while the show's diverse stories were welcome, they also genuinely liked it as a piece of storytelling and art.

Pushing back at some of the people who are critiquing the show on Twitter, others pointed out people will always find something to hate if they want to.

And if you don't like it, change the channel.

A vocal element of fans on Twitter are specifically praising the show for its queer representation and storylines.

One person brought up Rosie O'Donnell—who was in the original show—saying she approved of the show's new queer storylines.

In less formal terms, some are happy it's so queer.

Finally, people did take time to poke fun at the reviewers.

They also praised Jacobson.

A League of Their Own is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

*Correction (8/18/22 at 10am): A previous version of this article was updated to correct the spelling of Abbi Jacobson's name.