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Ivanka Trump Dragged After Suggesting That People Just 'Find Something New' If They're Out Of Work

Ivanka Trump just launched a new ad campaign aimed at Americans who have recently lost their job due to the pandemic.

Her message? Just find a new job! No problem!

The ad campaign, created by President Trump's American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, was immediately lambasted online.

Many questioned the timing of Ivanka's "just get a new job" ad campaign in the midst of a pandemic.

Unemployment is surging and jobs aren't especially easy to come by.

It's occasionally hard to pin down the White House's messaging—is the economy booming or are we in need of something new?

Many Americans are probably hoping for something new come this November.

So, if you're suffering and out of work during this pandemic, don't forget Ivanka's advice to you: just #FindSomethingNew! It's as simple as that.