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Ivanka Dragged After Congratulating Herself For Delivering Meals To Ukrainians In Instagram Video

Ivanka Dragged After Congratulating Herself For Delivering Meals To Ukrainians In Instagram Video

The apple truly does not fall far from the tree.

As the daughter of former Republican President Donald Trump, it should probably surprise no one that Ivanka Trump turned Ukraine-focused charity work into an opportunity to self-aggrandize and hone her personal brand.

After donating food to wartorn Ukraine, Ivanka posted a series of videos to Instagram detailing all she had done, all in a tone so performatively dramatic and obviously rehearsed that it almost seems like a troll.

And the internet is definitely not impressed.

See her videos below.

Ivanka is said to have paid for the million meals she sent to Ukraine with hundreds of thousands of dollars of her own money--which reportedly amounts to $640 million just from the four years she worked in the White House alone.

Rather than simply do a good thing (in this case, the bare minimum) for the sake of doing so and then letting that be that, Ivanka instead posted two videos to Instagram about the endeavor--one detailing all she'd done, and one delivering a message to the people of Ukraine directly.

“You are in our thoughts and our prayers, and our heart breaks for what you are experiencing in this dire time. You have inspired the world with your courage and bravery as you fight for your country and your freedoms.”

This was followed by photographs of Ukrainians, who are dodging bombs and living in bunkers right now, eating Ivanka's donated food.

At no point does Ivanka ask others to join her in helping Ukraine by, say, donating to send more meals to Ukraine. The content seems purely for self-aggrandizement.

The distastefulness of the whole thing is manifest, and that's before taking into account the fact that Ivanka's father, former President Trump, has routinely praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, including just days before he invaded Ukraine, calling his plan to illegally seize the sovereign country "genius" and "savvy."

Ivanka also neglected to mention that her father was impeached for withholding military aid to Ukraine unless President Volodomyr Zelenskyy agreed to cook up some dirt on Democratic President Joe Biden and his son Hunter--military aid that could probably be coming in handy right now while Ukrainians sit in bunkers eating Trump's near-billionaire daughter's oatmeal.

As you might imagine, people who are not bewitched by Ivanka and her father's various grifts were not at all impressed with her publicity stunt--er, sorry, charity work.

Anyway, your reminder that Ivanka's last food-aid endeavor ended up being a massive taxpayer-funded grift.