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Catholics Collectively Gasp After News Anchor Accidentally Announces Pope's Death In Holy Blunder

@DeniseS0718/Twitter; Franco Origlia/Getty Images

During a live broadcast on Christmas day, a British TV presenter accidentally announced Pope Francis died.

Contrary to her blunder, it has been confirmed His Holiness is very much alive.

He had just delivered the annual Christmas address on Saturday to the public from the central balcony of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

Kylie Pentelow, an ITV News journalist and presenter, was reporting on the 85-year-old Pontiff's message to the public, urging them to get vaccinated.

“He said that vaccines should be made available to those most in need,” reported Pentelow, adding, “His death was announced … eh, excuse me.”

In case viewers missed Pentelow immediately retracting her statement, Twitter assured users Pope Francis was not dead.

Some users took the opportunity to roast the news reporter for the gaffe.

In his special Christmas day message for the public, Pope Francis prayed for an end to the pandemic, urged for there to be health care for all, and asked that vaccines be made available to the poor.

He also encouraged dialogue in order to come up with solutions to many of the world's crises.

Said the Pope:

“Our capacity for social relationships is sorely tried; there is a growing tendency to withdraw, to do it all by ourselves, to stop making an effort to encounter others and do things together.”
“On the international level too, there is the risk of avoiding dialogue, the risk that this complex crisis will lead to taking shortcuts rather than setting out on the longer paths of dialogue."

"Yet only those paths can lead to the resolution of conflicts and to lasting benefits for all,” he added.