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Mom Is Terrified After Thinking Her Toddler Was Speaking to Pennywise From 'It'

Mom Is Terrified After Thinking Her Toddler Was Speaking to Pennywise From 'It'
(Aaron Fraser-Nash/YouTube, @BornToBriWild/Twitter)

Twitter-user @BornToBriWild is the mother of a toddler who is recoiling from a frightening incident involving the drain in her bathroom sink.

Bri walked in on her 3-year-old girl looking down into the depths of the sink and talking to the entity residing in the abyss. "Hi, Georgie..." she said.

Most people would be familiar with the iconic, yet horrific greeting.

The demonic clown from Stephen King's 1986 novel It terrorized teens and adults alike, and with the recent remake of the 1990 TV miniseries, Pennywise continues to give a new generation a major case of the heebee-jeebies.

Moviegoers may recall this infamous scene from the 2017 reboot of It when a kid named "Georgie" is lured down a flooded street on a rainy afternoon and peers down into a sewer where he encounters the menacing clown who greets him, saying, "Hi, Georgie."

"We all float down here."


Spoiler alert, things didn't go swimmingly for the boy. That clown was anything but friendly.

You can run but you can't hide.


So, Bri being paralyzed with fear by her baby girl's new friend is justified in this scenario, especially since the toddler didn't even seen the movie.

On Thursday, the mother tweeted:

My 3 year-old just made me crap my pants when she looked down our bathroom sink and goes "Hi Georgie..." (Keep in mind she's never seen a scary movie in her life, let alone IT)

She prepared herself to be greeted by this.

These eyes...


Rest assured, her sanity was restored with the reality of motherhood.

Against my better judgement i look down the drain AND's Peppa Pig's little brother, George.

Her tweet went viral, garnering over 548 thousand likes. People responded to the levity of the anecdote, but also reacted to the sense of dread from reading the play-by-play.

Bri responded to the user who commented on the terrifying tweet and wrote, "That's a perfect summary for having children."

One user had a genuine concern for the mother.

She was given props for having the courage to investigate.

Others responded differently.

The outcome would've been very different if Georgie was not a pink rubber pig.

Sure, Pennywise is not someone you'd like to come face to face with in the dark anywhere, but there are other things that keep this mom up at night. Meet the innocent toddler who unintentionally punk'd her mom.

Who knew cute tots could possess the capability of inciting fear? We'd be none the Penny-wiser.

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