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Inmate Uses Her Vagina To Smuggle Whole Hardware Store Into Jail

Inmate Uses Her Vagina To Smuggle Whole Hardware Store Into Jail
(Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

A new inmate checking in to the Emmanuel Womens's Facility in Georgia on June 7 was caught smuggling a boundless assortment of pencils, tweezers, and bobby pins that could stock an entire hardware store by using her body as a storage unit.

The Oconnee County Sheriff's department posted a photo of the retrieved items on their Facebook page.

This morning a female inmate came to us from Emmanuel County State Pen. Per policy we searched her and pulled this out of her, uhhhh birth canal.

In addition to what you can see here there were 7 pair of tweezers and numerous bobbie pins.

The office added that the tweezers and bobby pins can be repurposed as keys to unlock handcuffs. So why all those markers and number 2 pencils? "Cause she could I guess."

The sheriff's office concluded their post by commenting, "You can not make this up."

Facility guards were running a routine body check – a fairly standard operating procedure that includes cavity searches – when they encountered the new inmate determined to get past the check point with her sharp bounty. All the items were seized, of course, but not before an officer snapped the obligatory photo for posterity.

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, M.D., a gynecologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, advised you should never put sharp objects into your vagina; Just an FYI.

Dweck explained the reason why in an article by Self.

The blood supply to the inside of the vagina is so rich that even the smallest cut can cause incredible amounts of bleeding and although it's a forgiving area and typically will heal, that's not a chance that you really want to take.

The inmate took the risk anyway, yet there were no reports of her having suffered internal abrasions.

The shocking photo received over 5,700 reactions and was shared over 3,500 times.

The bizarre incident was a prime opportunity for quick-witted comments in response to the photo, including one that asked, "Was she arrested for stealing from Office Max?"

Another user said, "That's some sharp investigating. She's going to have to erase that bad habit. We hope you wrote her up. This may be a pointed question, but what lead you to it? And are you penciling her in for another exam?"

Pencils are potential weapons.

She could've taken a stab at it.(Facebook)

When asked if the police usually search that part of a woman's body, the sheriff's office emphatically responded, "Every time!!!"

Some reactions were not in favor of the department. One commenter viewed the posting as a form of bullying.

This is not okay. It is completely devoid of humanity and empathy. You are laughing at — and encouraging the public to laugh at — a human being. I'm surprised and disappointed that the Sheriff's Office would post and condone such bullying.

A former employee of a sheriff's office shared her anecdote.

It's just another unusual day at the correctional facility, one in which pencils would never be in short supply until the next smuggling attempt.

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