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Illinois Farmer With NSFW Name Becomes Overnight Sensation—And Here Come The Jokes

Dick Bigger Jr. is such a hit that Illinois Democrat Susana Mendoza's campaign even put out a blooper reel of his best outtakes.

Illinois Farmer With NSFW Name Becomes Overnight Sensation—And Here Come The Jokes
Susana A. Mendoza/YouTube

An Illinois farmer named Dick Bigger Jr. has become an overnight sensation thanks to his NSFW name after Illinois Democrat Susana Mendoza—who is running for re-election as the Comptroller of Illinois—featured him in a recent campaign ad.

The ad, titled Growth Spurt, is full of people praising Mendoza as a "tiny" woman with plans to help Illinois get "bigger and better."

And what better way to underscore that point than to have a man named Dick Bigger Jr.—who is likely no stranger to "growth spurt" jokes—endorse you?

You can watch the campaign ad below.

"Growth Spurt" | Susana A. Mendoza, Illinois

Bigger Jr. only appears on screen for a single second—he refers to Mendoza as a "firecracker"—but his name is prominently displayed.

Susana A. Mendoza/YouTube

His appearance in Mendoza's ad helped it go viral, particularly after it was noticed by communications expert and journalist Timothy Burke.

Twitter users couldn't get enough of Dick Bigger Jr. and his appearance in the ad was hailed as a hilarious stroke of genius.

The jokes pretty much wrote themselves.

Dick Bigger Jr.'s name proved so popular that Mendoza's campaign capitalized on it further, releasing a minute-longer blooper reel from Bigger's part of the ad.

At one point, he praises Mendoza as a "tiny lady" who "got rid of Illinois' big, huge backlog of unpaid bills."

"Growth Spurt" TV Ad Outakes | Dick Bigger

The name Dick Bigger Jr. suggests there was at some point a Dick Bigger Sr., and sure enough there was. However, the NSFW family name gets even funnier once you learn that Dick Bigger Jr.'s mother was also in on the joke.

Her name? Dixie Bigger.

Oh, and they lived in Biggsville, Illinois, a village with a population of just over 300 people.

Dick Bigger Jr.'s name no doubt brought Mendoza's ad significant attention but he's been involved in local politics for quite some time, serving as the chairman for the Henderson County Democrats.

*CORRECTION: a previous version of this story listed Mendoza as running for re-election as Comptroller of Henderson County.