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People Share What Makes Them Think 'Man, I Freaking Hate People'

People Share What Makes Them Think 'Man, I Freaking Hate People'

Nothing will rile you up quite like dealing with the public. Hell, how about just stepping outside? It's enough to ruin your day, right?

For all of you who have just about had it with the rest of the human race, you have Redditor sneezycloud to thank: They're the one who asked the online community "What is something that makes you say "Man, I f***ing hate people"?"

There are few things we can relate to as much as this thread, to be perfectly frank.

"My dog ran away five days ago.


My dog ran away five days ago and I've been posting on every website trying to find him. Someone posted him as FOUND yesterday and SOMEONE ELSE CLAIMED HIM. Had to contact the police to help me finally get him back after 5 hours of headache because the person that found him blocked me and they were only trying to cooperate after the Facebook group that originally thought he was returned to his rightful owner put them on blast for stealing my dog. People f*cking suck man.

"People that find the utmost joy..."

People that find the utmost joy in saying nasty stuff behind others back.

Either that or people that plot on other peoples demise, you know like sit there and watch them make a mistake only to use it against them for their own personal gain when they could have just helped them in the first place.


"People who say..."


People who say "Oh it's their job to clean up after me" or "I'm making sure that they're still employed" as an excuse for not cleaning up after themselves in public.

Like NO.

You don't leave a soda spilled everywhere and then not even attempt to clean it up.

You don't leave rolls and rolls of toilet paper all over the floor in the bathroom.

You don't leave bags of popcorn and drinks and popcorn all over a theater floor and seats.

Take responsibility.

Clean. Up. Your. Mess.


"This is what pushed me..."

This is what pushed me past the point of no return. I've hated people from a pretty young age, but working in customer service for a decade, unable to get out of it, really ensured that I will never be able to not hate people.


"When a coworker..."

When a coworker decides to "correct" me by sending a passive aggressive email and copying the boss and the whole group instead of just saying something to me privately and in person.


"Especially when..."


People who litter. Especially when there is a bin literally a meter away.


"There is absolutely no valid reason..."

Lately there have been quite a few instances of someone or potentially multiple people putting poisoned meat out near dog parks.

There is absolutely no valid reason to do that and I hope they catch the psychos


"Plastic litter..."

Plastic litter on nature trails is really messed up to me, like how does one enjoy a nature trail and at the same time think it's ok if we all toss Gatorade bottles there?




Workplace politics. Period.


"People who don't..."

People who don't return their grocery cart. Like, who do you think you are?


"People who go into a grocery store..."

People who go into a grocery store, start eating stuff they grab off the shelves, doughnuts, cookies, whatever, realize they don't want to buy it, and hide it on another shelf somewhere else.




Supervisors and coworkers who flat out tell you that their time away from work is more valuable than yours, because they have kids waiting for them at home. Therefore you as a single, childless person should understand that they need to leave and you are the natural choice for whom can stay and finish what needs to be done.


"Top of all..."

Top of all, people that can't let others enjoy the things. If a person finds enjoyment In something, why can't people leave it alone and let them enjoy it? Do you really have to tear someone down for liking something that you don't agree with? Take off, let the people enjoy the things.


"Makes you realize..."

Working in retail. Makes you realize grown adults still act like spoiled toddlers when they don't get what they want.


"People who do not care..."


People who do not care about others in public. Watching a movie/playing music on their phone without headphone. Playing loud music in a park. Taking all the space in public transport. Talking loudly. Letting dirt behind them.



Adults that ride bicycles and think pedestrian rules apply to them and treat me like I'm the a-hole because I didn't yield for them at a crosswalk as they try to cross the street when it is unsafe (while riding the bike, not walking it across).


"I may be a bit grumpy."

A display of a general lack of basic consideration for anyone or anything. Which I reckon I see almost anytime I leave the house. I may be a bit grumpy.


"I'll never not..."


Animal cruelty and people who abuse children.

I'll never not feel enraged/sick and upset at the same time by it.


"Where I work..."

When customers are rude to me at the cafe I work at. Where I work is in an extremely affluent suburb and many of the customers there think they can get away with anything just because they have money. I've had ridiculous requests, people ignoring me when I've tried to give them their food, and customers pushing in front of each other to get a table.


"So, this couple..."

So, this couple posted their dog up for adoption on a Facebook group that I'm in. They were asking a lot for a rehoming fee. Quite a few people were interested, but the fee was just too steep- I believe that wanted $350. Anywho, a short while later, I saw that the very same dog they were selling was listed at the shelter as a "lost pet." Someone else took a picture of the dog while it was in the shelter's lobby as the couple who took her in said that they had found her. Nope. It was the same couple. They pretended to not know anything about her- which helps a lot with the adoption process through the shelter.

I get that people go through tough times and often need to re-home their pets. But because of this couple's greed, they ended up putting their pet's life at risk (and a potential adopter) rather than re-homing her for a cheaper price.