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Guy Expertly Trolls His Wife By Turning A Discarded Wrapper Into A Work Of Art

Twitter user Lizzie Swann's husband has a bad habit: he's always leaving his empty wrappers on the kitchen counter instead of just throwing them away!

After her repeated attempts to get him to stop, he decided to turn his litter into a local art exhibit so the wrappers couldn't be removed.

Swann's followers could understand her frustration—on the one hand, the art "installation" was a hilarious bit.

On the other hand...JUST THROW YOUR TRASH AWAY!

A mixture of wittiness and frustration is the perfect recipe for love.

Some Twitter users felt Swann's husband had captured the contemporary art scene almost TOO perfectly.

Perhaps Swann's husband was trying to make a point all along...

More importantly, how is Swann intending to retaliate to her husband's prank?

Whatever she does, it will have to be good! Twitter was already in tears over the art "placard."

Husbands everywhere admired Swann's hubby for his risky move.

Well done, Swann family! It seems you've got your priorities in order: first, pranks THEN, cleaning (later, maybe).