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Man Horrified After Waking Up In Hotel Room To Find Hotel Manager 'Sucking His Toes' As He Slept

Texan Peter Brennan said he 'awoke to a gentleman, an employee of the Hilton, assaulting me.'

Peter Brennan; hotel night manager
News Channel 5

In Nashville, Tennessee a man went to bed in his Hilton hotel room and woke up to the manager assaulting him.

Texan Peter Brennan woke up to the night manager of the hotel sucking on his toes.

"I was in Nashville for a work conference. I awoke to a gentleman, an employee of the Hilton, assaulting me."

Brennan continued, saying he jumped up when he saw what was happening.

"Instantly jumped up and was screaming. Went into sort of fact-finding mode."
"Who are you? Why are you in my room? What are you doing here?"
"I could see he was wearing a uniform, he had his name tag on. He was talking to me but not giving me any substantive answers."

Brennan called Metro police who discovered this was not the manager's first crime.

"We found multiple crimes—felonies, prison time, court decisions,"

He said the ordeal caused difficulty sleeping.

"I’m having problems sleeping frankly, I’m going through some PTSD, talking to a therapist. I still don’t really feel safe in my own home."

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Social media had a lot to say.

While assault is no laughing matter, many mocked the absurdity of the situation.

Brennan is now suing Hilton in hopes this situation will cause them to develop stricter hiring policies—especially for personnel with access to guests' hotel rooms.