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Horse Is So Startled By His Own Fart That He Throws Rider Off Of Him In Hilarious Viral TikTok

TikToker Madison Rose was thrown from her horse after he went over a jump and was scared by his own fart.

TikTok screenshots of ​@madisonrose1 riding a horse

Horses—majestic, noble, proud, a paragon of grace.

That's what people who don't interact much with horses think. But then there's the reality of interacting with horses, which is they are sometimes less-than-graceful or majestic.

This is a fact equestrian Madison Rose—@madisonrose1 on TikTok—learned the hard way when she was doing practice jumps and her horse did something unexpected.

In her TikTok, her horse farted so loud he startled himself, then bucked hard throwing his rider to the ground.

She's fine, by the way, or at least fine enough to post this video.


Life with the baby horses 😂💖

As people love horses and fart jokes, the reactions were quick and hilarious.

First, some folks learned new things.




Others used the video as proof horses—while beautiful, powerful animals—are poorly engineered.



Many people commented on the horse's look at the downed rider at the end.





Finally, one commenter asked a truly important question.


With rider ultimately fine, let's hope she—and her beloved mount—will get back in the saddle soon.

Sans unexpected farts.