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Gay Man Catches Homophobic Woman On Video As She Hurls Gay Slurs At Him At Spa

Christopher Brown (Facebook)

Christopher Brown of the Seattle, Washington area recently posted a video that shows a woman harassing him at his "favorite foot spa"

The incident took place on December 30 at Casabella Nails & Spa.

Brown was "holding back" from posting about his experience, but on Thursday, he decided to share footage from his experience.

Brown wrote,

"I've been holding back sharing this, but what kind of social justice warrior would I be staying quiet?

This situation occurred at my favorite foot spa in Lynnwood, Washington."

He went on to explain what prompted him to begin filming the fellow patron.

"She then proceeds to engage in a speakerphone / FaceTime dialogue with her daughter. At this point, the staff are irritated as well as the patrons.

Being the outspoken gent that I am, I say "mam, would you kindly mind taking your phone off speaker in the spa, pointing to the signs asking patrons to keep their noise down.

She looks at her FaceTime call and goes "hold on, I need to take care of this faggot".

And at this moment I was able to record: [sic]"

He went on to urge viewers to share the video so it can raise awareness for the progress that still needs to be made for the acceptance of the LGBT community.

"Please take a minute to view and share this, and know that even in the Seattle region, life isn't always sunshine and rainbows for the lgbt community.

I hope her family and friends see this one day, and are embarrassed by her despicable behavior.

There is still work to do folks. #resist"

In the video, the woman demands that Brown be removed for asking her to take her phone off of speakerphone.

When staff refuses to comply she states:

"It's either him or me."

Eventually the unidentified woman storms out of the foot spa, shouting homophobic slurs at Brown:

"He bothered me for no reason. He harassed me for no reason, telling me to get off of my phone… Keep recording sissy, keep recording because you probably wish you had a c**t like me, right?"

She continued her rant saying:

"I should show you my parts. Faggot, sissy, queer, fag, eat my pussy, eat it. How's that fag? Queer. Queer, 'cause you want a pussy?"

The internet is rallying behind Brown, hoping that this despicable woman is outed.

Alan Vierra (Facebook)

Others are simply in shock that people like her still exist in 2019.

Danielle Reich-Borders

Regina Kane McDevitt (Facebook)

April Risch (Facebook)

James Mcdevitt (Facebook)

Jen Vandivier (Facebook)

Emily Johnson (Facebook)

Donelle Henderlong (Facebook)

Hopefully this woman will be identified soon.

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