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Apparently Even Homer Simpson Uses That GIF Of Himself Backing Into The Bushes 😮

FOX, @Han49825073/Twitter

You know that feeling you get sometimes where you desperately want to disappear from whatever awkward situation you just witnessed and pretend it never happened?

There's a GIF for that.

You've probably seen the GIF before, since it's become fairly ubiquitous in awkward social media situations.

It's from a Simpsons episode and features the man himself, Homer.


But prepare for a little GIF-ception.

The Simpsons is well known for its social commentary, and has never been a show to take itself too seriously. So the joke didn't really come as a big surprise to many longtime fans.

Many took to Twitter to comment on the joke, largely with The Simpsons-based reaction GIFs.

The Simpsons, which began as a short on The Tracey Ullman Show, aired its first episode on December 17, 1989. This December it will mark it 30th year on television.