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Oklahoma Teacher Placed On Leave After Calling Student Racial Slur And Threatening To Call Cops On Him

Oklahoma Teacher Placed On Leave After Calling Student Racial Slur And Threatening To Call Cops On Him
Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

An Oklahoma teacher at Holdenville High School was placed on administrative leave after she was caught on video calling one of her students a racial slur.

A student in the back of the classroom began filming the incident, starting with the student pacing and talking on his phone, telling someone he was going to walk home.

The teacher insisted he wasn't going anywhere and said:

"I'm going to keep you here."

When the student attempted to pass the teacher to exit the classroom, the teacher proceeded to grab the student by the backpack.

Trying to get away, the student turned and raised his hands, stating:

"You better watch where you touch me."

The teacher threatened to have him sent to a juvenile detention center, to which the student attempted again to leave the room.

The teacher spread her arms out wide, blocking him and then pointed back at the desks demanding:

"You better get yourself back over there, [n-word], do it."

A student audibly gasped, and the student trying to leave stared the teacher down.

The teacher said indignantly:

"I asked you. I said, 'What would happen if I said it?' Right?"
"And so, you didn't think it was OK."

This definitely doesn't count as a "teachable moment."

Clearly upset, the student paced again before grabbing the teacher's mask and glasses from her face and throwing them on the ground.

The student then made it past her and exited the classroom, to which she directed another student to call the police.

You can watch the video here.

WARNING: racial slurs

It's unclear where the student went after he and two fellow classmates walked out of the classroom, or if the police were actually called and appeared on the scene.

What specifically led to the altercation also remains unclear. As the investigation continues, the school aims to determine what led the student to want to leave the classroom, why the teacher did not allow him to leave and what led to their heated exchange.

Viewers of the video weren't necessarily interested in the results of an investigation.

A few decided the teacher's use of a racial slur was a non-issue and felt the student just needed to be more respectful.

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

Others disagreed and said the teacher was wrong for her language and misuse of power.

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

Some who attended Holdenville High School also pointed out this was a repeated behavior by this teacher.

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

Taleala Yarbrough/Facebook

The teacher will remain on paid leave until the investigation is complete.

Given her alleged history, according to former students at the high school, it's unclear if something will be done about this particular incident.

But given the current political climate and what seems to be a recent uptick in racist behaviors displayed by teachers and students, it's clear something needs to be done in the overall education system.