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Hilarious Video Of Toddler Cursing After Seeing A Goat Outside Her House Has The Internet LOLing


In a viral video on TikTok, a toddler explained there's a certain kind of goat outside their house.

The child's mother, Sophie Smith, walked into the room where the toddler, Ivy, was standing on a plastic play oven next to the window.

The viral video with 6.8 million views showed the two-year-old smiling and pointing out the window saying:

"A f*cking goat outside."

There in fact was a goat casually snacking on leaves outside their suburban Christchurch, New Zealand home.

You can see the video here:


There's a fucking goat outside #viral #goat #kidsswearing #2yearold #funny

The mom—who managed to take out her phone in time to catch the interaction—replied:

"It's just a goat."

But the two year old insisted:

"No, it's a f*cking goat!"

Over 10 thousand people commented on the TikTok video, which originally was posted to Facebook and snapchat.







Stuff reported Smith's reaction to her video going viral.

The New Zealand mum said:

"I've had a lot of really positive comments from people who have said that it's just made their day and all they needed was a laugh, and that they're really appreciative that I shared it."
"Then I've also had quite a few hate comments of people saying really negative things."
"[Ivy's] two, she obviously doesn't know what it means."
"There's been a lot more good that has come out of this than bad, and going forth she is not using this language on a daily basis."
"If anybody says that they've never sworn before, have a goat come into your property and then tell me otherwise."

Regardless of the haters, we got a good laugh out of it and no harm was done.