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Henry Cavill Reloading His Biceps In 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' Gets Weirder Upon Inspection 🤔

Paramount Pictures, @ChrisLikesDinos/Twitter

Henry Cavill reloading his arms in the new Mission Impossible: Fallout film might be the next biggest thing since The Black Panther had people shouting "Wakanda Forever!"

It is said the moment was improvised by Cavill, and it's no wonder the cooler than cool move has movie goers asking, "Did he really just reload his "guns"? Now on closer inspection, thanks to a GIF, it seems Cavill's superpower might be that he can grow a beard and magically make a pocket appear on his shirt by reloading his guns. Take a look and see for yourself. We know we can't stop watching.

Cavill says of the moment:

It's because I punch so hard when reloading my fists that I actually grew a beard in that moment.

Whatever the reason behind the beard growing, pocket producing, reloading the big guns move, one thing is for sure— Twitter is obsessed.

Even co-star Tom Cruise is digging the reload.

Now Cavill is teaching us all how to lock and load.

It's working!

Be careful though. Sometimes too much of a good thing...

Cavill doesn't want to end up like Chadwick Boseman; Wakanda forever, and ever...and ever.

H/T: Screenrant, KISS FM