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The 'Heart Rate' Meme Has People Sharing The Totally Relatable Things That Send Their Pulses Racing

Krisana Antharith/EyeEm/Getty Images, @youresorelatable/Twitter

If you're a regular on Twitter, you know that jokes and memes crafted from punctuation marks have taken off in recent years, and the latest to trend on the platform is a heart rate monitor intended to express your most intense feelings.

The “heart monitor" meme involves using dashes and slashes to illustrate the times your pulse has gone from normal to ultra-fast – or even flatlined – whether it's through love or anxiety.

Here are a few of the very best heart-stopping memes, which might remind you of the times your own pulse has skipped a beat.

1. The punctuation meme began to illustrate life's most anxiety-provoking situations…

2. It quickly became so popular Twitter itself joined in.

3. It can be used to remind people of modern emergencies.

4. Caffeine lovers, this meme is for you.

5. The moment you realize you've forgotten your chores.

6. No good ever comes from 'needing to talk'.

7. The standard reaction to a flying cockroach.

8. Lastly, this comment about viral memes is a little too on-the-nose.