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Trump Surrogate Reneges On Promise To Literally Eat His Shoe If Trump Lost Reelection In Infuriating Fashion

Trump Surrogate Reneges On Promise To Literally Eat His Shoe If Trump Lost Reelection In Infuriating Fashion
Fox Business/YouTube

Trump-loving Harlan Hill became infamous for picking fights with liberals. But in recent days, it seems clearer than ever the baby-faced, bowtie-obsessed, big-talking presidential advisor is all bark and no bite.

After vowing in 2020 to publicly eat his shoe if former Republican President Donald Trump lost reelection, Hill is now reneging on that promise. Instead, he is still, in January of 2021, on day eight of the Biden administration, insisting Trump actually won in November.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote to Joe Biden by more than 7 million votes. In the electoral college tally, Trump lost by 74 votes.

At least he sticks to some of his beliefs, right?

Hill, a political consultant who has worked as a surrogate and campaign advisor for Trump, first made his promise on November 3 of last year at Steve Bannon's Election Night party.

Asked at the party by The Atlantic's McKay Coppins if he thought Trump would prevail in the election, Hill boldly said:

"Oh, he's gonna win. One hundred percent."

When Coppins asked Hill what he'll do if Trump loses, Hill doubled down.

"I'll eat my shoe. We'll do it in a live-stream."

Instead, Hill immediately pivoted to election fraud conspiracy theories as soon as Biden's victory was clear.

Hill echoed those claims this week when news site Mediaite followed-up with him about his vow to eat his shoe.

In response, Hill replied plainly:

"Trump won."

That is, of course, a lie.

But perhaps it's to be expected from a man so problematic he has been banned from Fox News, of all places. The network gave Hill the boot after he called Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris an "insufferable lying bitch" in a tweet during the 2020 campaign.

The tweet caused such widespread outrage companies like American Airlines and AT&T—for whom Hill claimed to have consulted—made public statements not only disavowing Hill's comments but denying he ever worked for them. The companies also demanded he remove their company names from his website.

On Twitter, people weren't exactly surprised such a stand-up guy would renege on his promise.

As of this writing Hill has not responded to the internet's demands that he eat his shoe.