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Hannah Waddingham's 9-Year-Old Daughter Made Her Clutch For The SAG Awards—And It's Truly Epic

The 'Ted Lasso' star showed off the rainbow clutch handbag her daughter made out of cardboard for the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Hannah Waddingham
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hanna Waddingham was nothing short of radiant on the red carpet in her sparkling maroon off-the-shoulder gown at the SAG Awards.

But what elevated the Ted Lasso star's runway-ready look was her one-of-a-kind accessory that could only be defined as epic.

Waddingham carried a cardboard clutch made by her nine-year-old daughter, who designed it and insisted that mom arrive at the award ceremony with it.

On the red carpet, the Emmy winner, who overcame an obstacle as a drama student, proudly displayed the lovely bag for host Elaine Welteroth and said:

"My daughter has contributed my evening bag for tonight."

For starters, Waddingham explained there was "a spare bit of cardboard in the house."

And because her daughter wasn't aware of her mum's dress color beforehand, she came up with a clever solution to complement the aesthetic with varying color markings adorning the clutch, along with the word "epic."

The young designer nailed it because the clutch was, in her words, an "it goes with everything and nothing bag."

When asked how stable the clutch was, Waddingham quipped, "Unstable like its mother," and insisted:

"But look, it holds more than the average bag."

You can watch a clip of Waddingham showing off her handbag, crafted with cardboard and loads of love.

Fans fell in love with the actor even more.







People had high hopes for her daughter's future.




Waddingham was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series for her work on Ted Lasso's final season.

She may not have walked away with the trophy that evening, but she will always come out on top for the role of a lifetime—that of being a mom.

Last year, Waddingham touched on her close relationship with her daughter.

She told People magazine:

"My primary function is being a single mama."
"Mommy guilt is real, but I keep saying to her that we are a team and that I have to do this. I have to strike while the iron is hot."
"I'm not so conceited that I would think that I will always have this kind of focus."
"I've always said to her, 'Mommy must take this time while the light shines on me, because the light shines on you.'"

At the end of the 2024 SAG awards red carpet interview, Waddingham said of the glamorous pageantry seen at awards ceremonies:

“This is all great but this [being a mom] is the most important."

And the winner for Mom of the Year goes to...