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Woman Who Went Viral After Getting Pants Ripped Off By Treadmill Opens Up About What Happened

Alyssa Konkel made national headlines after getting pantsed by a treadmill at the gym—and she opened up to CNN about the aftermath.

screenshots of video of Alyssa Konkel's treadmill mishap

In something out of many people's social anxiety nightmares—and definitely gym nightmares—gym-goer Alyssa Konkel tripped on a treadmill.

She got her pants caught in the whereupon the treadmill de-pantsed her. The video of her mishap quickly went viral.

In an interview with CNN, Konkel recounted the sequence of events.

Konkel asked for a copy of the video from the gym's cameras then went public with the footage.

"I'm just going to post it and make everything public, and I just wanted to make the world laugh."

She wanted to make people laugh, but also had a rebuttal for those who would comment on her, well, butt.

"Everyone has a butt, and if people have something bad to say about my butt, bite my butt."

Konkel shared her favorite joke that people have been using about the incident.

"Who takes your pants off faster: your boyfriend or the treadmill?"

People admired her sense of humor.

Some said they would not go back to the gym, were this them.

People were impressed Konkel put the video up herself.

People found her stated occupation in the video hilarious, too.

Several folks talked about the safety features of treadmills.

But one person summed up the good side of this event.

No word on whether or not she'll use that treadmill ever again.