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Guy Hilariously Trolls 'Ladies' Of The Internet With Messages From A Very Interested Girl He Just Met Online

Guy Hilariously Trolls 'Ladies' Of The Internet With Messages From A Very Interested Girl He Just Met Online
GettyImages, @nickturani/Twitter

When it comes to hooking up using dating apps, we don't have time to get acquainted.

But where's the fire?

You might find someone interesting, and you could be missing out on a special connection if you continue swiping left.

Twitter-user Nick claimed to have encountered an interesting response when pursuing a model. However, her response indicated a major red flag.

Nick used the model's response as an opportunity to troll the "ladies of the internet."

He tweeted:

"Ladies take notes! Met this girl online YESTERDAY, and she's already trying to learn more about me, not just hook up."
"It's called conversation. Learn it."

In their exchange, Nick asked the individual – who proved her profession as a model by using a Shutterstock photo complete with the watermark – for some extra pics.

"Can you send me some pics that you took outside of your modeling job at shutterstock?"

Not so fast, buddy.

The "model" had some very specific questions before fulfilling the stranger's request.

"Yes my king! First I must know many thing [s] about you!"
"What is the name of your first pet?"
"What is your mother's maiden name?"
"What is the name of the town where you were born?"

Does this set off alarms for anyone?

Here is Nick's screenshot of the lost art of "conversation."


So, it seems the personal information this supposed fraudster was fishing for had nothing to do with whether Nick enjoyed quiet walks on the beach.

"She" may as well have asked for all of his passwords.

However further sleuthing revealed that the screenshot was courtesy of Nick's very-real girlfriend. She may have partnered with him on the joke.

It seems the profile pic on the text thread matches the photo above what is believed to be Nick's headboard.


Prank foiled.

And that became an extended joke.

Surprisingly, many people missed Nick's initial gag.

Nick was on a roll and shared the Shutterstock photo of the model who claimed to be in the photo.

He finally spelled it out.

But it seems people still missed the clues.

Um, still nothing?

Really, guys?

Who's trolling who?

Those who got the joke went along with it.

We already cracked the case, Pearl.

But thank you.

As a hacker, this "model" ranks pretty low.

But Nick, the master prankster, was rated high up there.

This is some meta-level trolling.

But even if some people missed the entire gag, it still serves as a good reminder to guard your private information, even if the Shutterstock model is easy on the eyes.