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Clever Guy Uses Drone To Ask Out His Neighbor During Lockdown, And It May Just Be The Love Story Of Our Time

Clever Guy Uses Drone To Ask Out His Neighbor During Lockdown, And It May Just Be The Love Story Of Our Time
Jeremy Cohen - @jerm_cohen / Twitter

Throughout the lockdown that's happening pretty much everywhere now, people are doing what they can to get by and keep some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

For Jeremy Cohen, though, that surprisingly meant starting a new relationship that's gone adorably viral.

Jeremy Cohen is a freelance photographer and is currently on lockdown by himself in Brooklyn. On a recent Saturday afternoon, Cohen noticed a woman dancing on her rooftop across the street from him.

Craving social contact, and because she seemed like a nice person, Cohen decided to try to reach out.

He stepped out onto his balcony and waved at her. Seeing him on his roof, the woman waved back, and they shouted a few things back and forth.

But being across rooftops from one another, there wasn't much more they could do, until Cohen hatched his creative idea.

Cohen attached a note, with his phone number, onto his drone and sent it over to his neighbor's roof. About an hour later, he received a text from the girl next-door.

The video, originally posted to TikTok and later to Twitter and Instagram, has gone completely viral. During tough times like these, people are craving positive stories from quarantined life.

Fortunately for all of us watching, their story together didn't stop with a quick exchange of texts.

The woman has been identified as Tori Cignarella, who is a hospitality worker, and during their initial text exchange, they decided to "get together" for a "rooftop dinner," but from a distance, of course.

Cohen continued to document their story in cute little videos on Instagram.

First, there was their rooftop dinner together:

A few days later, they went out on a walk together, but with another little creative twist:

Cohen has said of the experience:

"It's pretty exciting for everyone to be rooting for 'us'. Hopefully something works out, but if not I'm just glad I shot my shot."

Though there's no telling what the future will bring, or how long this lockdown will last, it's clear that the two are doing something right.

It's wonderful to see that a few people were able to connect virtually during a lockdown like this. If nothing else, it gives them something to look forward to during this time, and the internet sure loves watching each of Cohen's new videos!

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