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TikToker Secretly Records Guy Controlling Every Aspect Of Their Date—And It's Terrifying

TikToker @talisa0913's date wouldn't let her pick what she ordered at the restaurant they went to—and it only escalated from there.

screenshots from @talisa0913/TikTok

There's good dates, mediocre dates and bad dates.

Then there's scary dates.

In a video that has gone viral on Tiktok and elsewhere, a woman filmed a date she was on that quickly turned scary as the guy swiftly moved to control every aspect of the date, right down to what she ate and drank.

Reposted over on Twitter, some think it's staged, but nevertheless it's a pitch-perfect example of that sort of interaction, that's for sure.


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People immediately pointed out all the red flags.

There were a lot of them.

First, the fact he started by ordering for her, on a first date.

Then people pointed out 1) his focus on caloric intake and 2) insistence on ribeye were at odds with each other, but also it's all pickup artist vibes.

The steak was a big red flag.

Someone said what we were all thinking.

As for whether or not it was staged, many people said it doesn't ultimately matter.

Also, it's really hard to tell.

Also interesting that some people think this behavior is fake in the first place.

Maybe it was real, and she started videoing after the first few red flags came up.

Others contributed stories of what they or others have done in similar circumstances.

Someone came up with a new word for this type of behavior.

Unfortunately, this video showed a behavior so common it's hard to tell if it's staged, but hopefully this one was just a skit.