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Guy Gets Totally Shut Down For Buying Condoms For His Brother-In-Law And His Partner After He Learns They Don't Use Them

Guy Gets Totally Shut Down For Buying Condoms For His Brother-In-Law And His Partner After He Learns They Don't Use Them
Anton Eine / EyeEm via Getty Images // FormalBother/Reddit

There are a multitude of ways to have safe sex, and in the vast majority of cases, people's safe sex regimen should be decided by those participating.

One well-meaning husband learned this the hard way when he thought condoms would make a great gift for his brother-in-law and his boyfriend.

The Reddit user, FormalBother, had just completed a vasectomy, but that didn't stop him from feeling a little too cocky.


The man turned to Reddit asking "AITA?" [Am I The ***hole]:

People were pretty certain that he was.

"YTA. Other people's sex life is none of your business. Also assuming one of them will cheat is absolutey out of line." ˜ rachmaninoffkills
"YTA. Gay or not, if you have sex with the same person for 12 years, you're both tested and STD free, why would you use protection? There's no risk of getting an STD because they don't have any. How does that not get through to you?" ˜ bxbette
"If they're in a committed relationship and not cheating wtf are they protecting themselves from? They can't get pregnant and it's not like STDs show up outta nowhere? YTA He's 29 he can make his own life decisions" ˜ TheAngryTaquito
"YTA. Why are you so sure one will cheat? Are you cheating?" ˜ RunningTrisarahtop
"YTA. Unbelievably ignorant and offensive." ˜ thehomie
"YTA. They're grown men and their sex life doesn't affect you. By your logic, you should still be using condoms too." ˜ jesus-slaves
"YTA. You're a real piece of work, bud." ˜ Everborne

And though his intentions seemed pure, people thought his assumptions were more than a little homophobic.

"YTA. By giving them condoms you're implying that either a) you think one of them is going to cheat on the other or b) gay sex is inherently unclean. Just like you, they're in a commited, monogamous relationship, and get to make their own decisions on how to have safe and enjoyable sex." ˜ barrelina
"INFO: Why do you think they're more likely to cheat on each other than you and your wife are? I'm assuming that's why you thought they needed condoms?" ˜ Jiggles4Jello
"YTA for having double standards also your comments. Downvote this post, gtfo" ˜ IMKang


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