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Teen Greets Little Brother Coming Home From School By Dressing Up In A Different Costume Every Day

Bus Brother/Facebook

A creative teenager has found a novel way to embarrass and entertain his younger brother when he gets home from school, and it is adorable.

Each day Noah Tingle, 17, greets his 12-year-old brother Max in a different costume as he steps off the bus – dressing in anything from the red and white stripes of Where's Wally to an inflatable gorilla outfit.

“It's my last year of high school and I saw he was coming off the bus when I was at home, so I wanted to embarrass him," Noah told local outlet WBRZ.

And Noah certainly appeared to achieve his aim, with one of his earliest videos showing Max ducking and diving to avoid his older brother's Santa Claus-clad hug.

“At first, I was surprised and kinda embarrassed," Max told WBRZ of the strange homecomings. “But now I'm just used to it."

Noah has committed to the greetings through rain or shine, even donning a Chewbacca outfit during a storm on one afternoon.

Noah's mom decided to start sharing the videos to Facebook under the account "The Bus Brother" and the videos have since been widely shared – with the brothers now making headlines.

Noah told the local news outlet the videos have grown “a lot bigger" than he thought they would, with locals sending him costume donations to keep the trend going and news cameras even coming to capture the unusual routine.