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Pastor Smashes Barbie Dreamhouse With Bible Attached To Baseball Bat In Bizarre Video

Far-right pastor Greg Locke destroyed the Barbie house with a Bible 'duct-taped and zip-tied' to a baseball bat while 'demolishing' evil spirits.

Greg Locke destroying a Barbie Dream House
Christian Preaching/YouTube

Careful everyone—that Barbie Dreamhouse you may have bought after the Barbie movie might be full of evil spirits.

That's according to infamous far-right Christian zealot and downright weirdo Greg Locke, whose recent sermon was all about the supposedly demonic influence of Barbie.

But of course, every good speech needs a visual aid, right?

So Locke took his sermon beyond mere words by bashing a Barbie Dreamhouse with a baseball bat. With a Bible duct-taped to it. Hallelujah, or something.

Pastor Greg Locke Smashes Barbie's Dream House with a BIBLE WRAPPED BASEBALL BAT (Full Version)

Locke, a dedicated follower of Jesus Chr—er, sorry, Donald Trump, whose sermons frequently center on anti-LGBTQ+ hatred and an obsession with demon possession (including within his own congregation) pulled the Barbie stunt while preaching about "deliverance" to his Tennessee congregation.

After reading from the Bible's words in 2 Corinthians 10:4 on the "pulling down of strongholds," Locke told members of his Global Vision Bible Church:

“[Pulling down strongholds] means you demolish the house that the evil spirit left when you kicked it out."
“So maybe in our Global Vision store we need to start selling Bible bats in the name of Jesus.”

He then went on to explain how demons can keep possessing you even if you've expelled them because you didn't demolish the demon's house—which naturally includes things like iPhones, Netflix and other human beings' phone numbers.

"What some of you need to understand is that you’ve been delivered from the demon, but you’ve not pulled down the stronghold yet."
“You’ve got to get rid of the triggers on that iPhone. You’ve got to get rid of the triggers on that Netflix. You got to lose her number. You got to lose his number."
“The demon comes out when you expel it. The stronghold comes down when you demolish it with the Bible!"

So, being an evangelical Christian, he took those words literally by bashing a Barbie Dreamhouse with a Bible taped to a baseball bat, as Jesus famously did. Hooray!

Locke's bizarre Barbie stunt is said to have occurred before Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie was released. But like most conservatives, the movie has left him outraged and become something of an obsession for him over the summer.

And his Barbie Dreamhouse stunt certainly raised some eyebrows on social media.

Anyway, if you were wondering if the far-right Christians had started being normal yet, the answer is absolutely not.

Have a blessed day!