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MTG Is Absurdly Trying To Blame The Tampon Shortage On Trans Men—And Twitter Isn't Having It

MTG Is Absurdly Trying To Blame The Tampon Shortage On Trans Men—And Twitter Isn't Having It
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was criticized after she made the absurd claim transgender men are to blame for a nationwide tampon shortage.

Speaking to host Brian Glenn on the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), Greene acknowledged "there’s a shortage of tampons" but added the shortage is happening "because men are buying tampons.”

When asked whether "beta males" are to blame for the tampon shortage, Greene pivoted to blaming trans men specifically, asserting their efforts to "put tampons in men's bathrooms" are part of the “war on women.”

You can hear what Greene said in the video below

Greene later ramped up her oddball and bigoted rhetoric, taking to Twitter to suggest that immigrants are also blame for the nationwide tampon shortage.

Greene said that authorities should consider checking "the warehouses at the border where all the baby formula is stocked floor to ceiling on shelves," repeating misinformation about the status of an ongoing infant formula shortage caused by supply chain disruptions.

In truth, tampons are the latest products to become scarce as a result of global supply chain issues that have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the war in Ukraine, which, as the BBC notes, have made "the raw materials used in sanitary products more costly."

Greene also has a history of dehumanizing transgender people.

She made headlines last year after she raised the anti-trans flag outside her office, which happens to sit directly across from the office of Representative Marie Newman, an Illinois Democrat. Earlier, Newman had raised a trans flag to support her transgender daughter following a contentious debate about the Equality Act, which Greene opposed.

Greene's behavior drew bipartisan criticism, including from Republicans who'd earlier voted to strip her of her committee assignments after she made anti-Semitic remarks and promoted violence against Democrats.

She recently garnered significant criticism after she melted down after someone vandalized an anti-transgender sign she displays outside her office, referring to the culprits as "crazy and deranged."

Many have criticized Greene in the wake of her remarks

Conservative uproar about tampons–and transgender people–have been in the picture long before the tampon shortage became the latest in a long line of supply chain-related woes.

Last month, Oregon Republican gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton threw a tantrum over legislation mandating that menstrual hygiene products should be placed in all school restrooms.

The legislation, the Menstrual Dignity Act, or House Bill 3294, is also trans-inclusive and states that school districts, public charter schools, education service districts, community colleges, and public universities "shall ensure that both tampons and sanitary pads are available at no cost to students through dispensers located in at least two student bathrooms of every public school building."

The legislation requires at least two bathrooms in every public school building to have both pads and tampons available free of charge. It went into effect during the 2021-2022 school year and will require all bathrooms to have at least one dispenser beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.

But the bill angered Barton, who called it "an absolute implosion of the family" in a video message posted to her official YouTube and Twitter accounts.