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PHOTOS: Giant Teddy Bear With Bizarrely Long Legs on Amazon

PHOTOS: Giant Teddy Bear With Bizarrely Long Legs on Amazon

You are thinking of buying a giant teddy bear to give someone special for the holidays, and so you jump on Amazon to have a look around. You find a 6.5-foot-tall Giant Teddy Bear made by Joyfay, selling for $110. Maybe you think this is just what you are looking for, at a great price. The description seems innocent enough:

MORE TO LOVE: The Joyfay teddy bear weighs in at 6.5 feet and 18 lbs. No light weights here. This heavyweight offers more huggability than your average bear. Kids and adults alike love to cuddle up with the soft silky giant.

Bu then you pause for a moment, and scroll down to read the reviews. That is when you discover that the exact proportions of this seemingly cute and cuddly, stuffed and fluffy white teddy bear are a bit off...

"Big @$$ Bear With Long @$$ Legs"

Writer and New Yorker Ron Cacace puts it succinctly: "I am seriously considering buying the big ass bear with long ass legs"

People are losing their minds over the disproportionally Teddy Long Legs.

This tweeter was laughing and crying so hard that she forgot to spell check: "i'm dying laughing at the teddy bear with human proportioned legs i'm acrually crying"

One tweeter can't stop giggling every time he pictures Teddy Long Legs in his head: "I can already tell the super long teddy bear legs will pop n2 my head every couple of months and make me giggle uncontrollably 4 the next several decades"

And another person is both laughing and expecting the creepy teddy bear to choke her in her nightmares.

One concerned citizen questions the safety and sincerity of such a large Valentine gift: "Why are the legs so long? Is your valentine planning to stalk you in it after he gets dumped? Serial teddy bear killer"

Josh Morgerman: "Lmao! Folks are freaked out by this long-legged bear. But, seriously, who buys life-sized stuffed animals? I don't get it."

Some reviews are great.

With over 100 reviews each for the white and brown giant teddy bear, and an average 4.5 stars out of 5, you would think people are quite happy with their purchase.

"Where am I supposed to sleep now?"

"Worth my granddaughter's love"

And some reviews are not so great.

"Hideous! The legs are like 4 feet long making the bear look like a creepy gumby thing."

"All of the pictures are taken at angles so you can't see that the bear is all legs. It's [disproportional] and creepy. I feel [deceived] by the pictures. Considering returning."

This Youtube review is hilarious.

Turns out quite a few people own the bear already.

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