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Giant Lizard Scales Shelves At 7-11 As Panicked Onlookers Scream—And Becomes An Instant Icon

Giant Lizard Scales Shelves At 7-11 As Panicked Onlookers Scream—And Becomes An Instant Icon
Jejene Narumpa/Facebook

Some customers ask for store assistance if they can't reach merchandise placed beyond reach. Others take matters into their own claws and just climb the shelf.

A 7-11 had plenty of scares in stock when customers witnessed a Monitor lizard scaling one of the shelves inside the store.

Twitter user @danajiru posted the footage of the giant reptile clawing its way to the top of the shelf while knocking over packaged goods.

Contrary to speculations this happened in Florida, the sighting reportedly took place inside the convenience store in Bangkok, Thailand.

The clip of the no shoes/no shirt patron scaling to new heights was posted on Twitter with music superimposed over it, but the original, longer video on Facebook had audible gasps and shrieks from witnesses.

You can watch the original clip, below.

The video went viral with 9.2 million views to date and the amateur comedians on Twitter had a field day.


Some users referred to Mrs. Kipling, the Monitor lizard pet from the Disney Channel series, Jessie.

The Monitor lizard was used for wordplay.

Now enlisting the following to deescalate the disturbance.

Monitor lizards – which are in the genus Varanus – are native to Africa, Asia, and Oceania. About 80 species are recognized.

They are known to be aggressive only when threatened but tend to not attack humans. They have a mildly venomous bite which sometimes carries harmful bacteria.

According to Metro, an employee at the Nakhon Pathom shop called the police, who arrived with animal handlers to capture the wayward visitor.

The employee told the news outlet the creature stayed perched on the shelf for "about an hour" before it was chased away.

The lizard ran back into the forest reportedly located behind the store.

There was speculation the Asian water Monitor lizard – which feeds on fish, snakes, and frogs – wandered into the store because it could not find anything to eat outside after months of dry weather with little rain.