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After Just One Day Of School, Entire Georgia Second-Grade Class Must Now Quarantine Due To Virus Exposure

After Just One Day Of School, Entire Georgia Second-Grade Class Must Now Quarantine Due To Virus Exposure
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As the debate over whether to send kids back to school as normal in the middle of a pandemic rages, one Georgia school has become a cautionary tale.

An entire second-grade class has been sent to quarantine after exposure to the virus on the first day of school.

The measure was taken after a second-grade student at Sixes Elementary in Cherokee County, Georgia tested positive for the virus shortly after the end of the school day.

All 20 students in the class as well as the teacher will now be quarantined for two weeks, and student will attend class online.

Local news station CBS46 obtained a letter from the school's principal, Ashley Kennerly, that was sent home to parents notifying them of their child's exposure and detailing next steps.

"All students who have been deemed a "close contact" received a personalized correspondence from school. In an abundance of caution and in accordance with our Exposure and Response Plan, we will close the impacted class effective immediately for a 14-day quarantine window."

The letter also instructed parents to be vigilant about watching for symptoms.

"We continue to encourage all parents to temperature scan and monitor students closely for any sign of potential illness. Students should remain at home if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 including fever, new or persistent cough, headache, loss of taste or smell, fatigue and/or stomach issues (diarrhea)."
President Trump and his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, have insisted that children start school in-person, and have threatened to deny districts federal education funding if they do not comply with that directive.
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is among the many state governors that have moved in lockstep with the federal government's viewpoint.
But these measures are in direct contravention of an overwhelming number of medical and education experts who have spoken out in recent weeks about the dangers of reopening schools while infection rates and hospitalizations continue to skyrocket in many locations--including Georgia.

On Twitter, people were outraged that children were being subjected to this experience.

A spokesman for the school district confirmed that the teacher of the class does not have symptoms and will teach her students online for the duration of the quarantine. Online instruction has been recommended by multiple experts until the virus is under control.