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George Santos Now Claims He Was A Teen Fashion Model—And The Photos Are A Big Yikes

The former GOP Rep. shared some photos from his days as a 'looks model' in New York City when he was a teenager—but people are dubious.

George Santos
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Former New York Republican Representative and disgraced liar George Santos is now claiming to have worked as a teen fashion model, sharing some photos from a time he claims to have modeled in New York City when he was a teenager.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Santos shared "looks" photos taken when he was 18, relaying that "looking back I can say I was being constantly sexually harassed and I didn’t realize it."

He continued with an indictment against the modeling industry:

"I was naive and young and didn’t see malice in any of it. Now when I look back it haunts me and I wish I could remember all of the peoples names and faces. It’s a very dark industry and I caution parents of young kids and teens to be very present in these entertainment/fashion type environments."

You can see his post and photos below.

Alleged modeling photo shared by George Santos@MrSantosNY/X

Alleged modeling photo shared by George Santos@MrSantosNY/X

People were dubious.

One social media user suggested Santos' recollections about sexual harassment ring hollow because he was at one point accused of sexual harassment himself.

Santos, however, insisted that those allegations were "100% proven to be lies from a serial lier [sic] who wanted attention."

Santos later responded to criticisms by denying that these photos were created using artificial intelligence software and noting that he was "not a runway model" and "did not model for any fashion brand."

He added:

"I was a looks model, trying out looks for boutiques who sold multi brand clothing and would use these and many more stock images to suggest pairings of their clothing to shoppers."
"Keeping in mind this is in the 2000’s before the insane connectivity. More pictures to come as I sort through the actual CD the images are stored in."

You can see his post below.

In December, Santos was expelled from the House of Representatives by a vote of 311–114, exceeding the necessary two-thirds majority threshold.

A damning House Ethics Committee report revealed he spent thousands in campaign funds on a variety of non-campaign-related items, including OnlyFans, Botox, and trips to Atlantic City and the Hamptons. The report alleged Santos had committed "knowing and willful violations" of House financial disclosure rules and filed "false or incomplete reports" with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The 56-page report offered extensive evidence indicating Santos’ misuse of campaign funds for personal purposes, fraudulent activities toward donors, and submission of false or incomplete campaign finance and financial disclosure reports.

It further accused Santos of exploiting his House candidacy for personal financial gain through a series of deceptive tactics, including lies about his background and experience to constituents, donors, and staff.

Santos' expulsion made him the only Republican ever expelled from the House, and the only Representative expelled without first being convicted of a federal crime or having supported the Confederacy during the Civil War.