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Twitter Is LOLing After Accidentally-Sexual Hashtag Trends During UK Election

A general election was held in the U.K. on Thursday, December 12, during which Boris Johnson's Conservative party was hoping to expand their majority in parliament and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party were hoping to take power.

The high stakes attached to the contest obviously drove a lot of discussion on Twitter, where an unfortunate typo drove many to inadvertently post a pretty NSFW hashtag.

It's hard to tell who the first person to make the mistake was, but before long everyone was reposting tweets with the hastag #generalERECTION rather than #generalELECTION.

Others tried to bring awareness to the issue...but it was too late.

Posts from both sides of the aisle featured the risqué tag.

At some points it almost seemed like people were sharing the inappropriate hashtag on purpose...

Others combined the silly accident with serious messages.

By the time realization finally broke through to the zeitgeist, there was no going back.

This seems to be the rare case when a political gaffe was committed by the electorate rather than politicians.

The U.K. will surely never forget the day their countries held this incredibly significant erection.