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Gay Man Has TikTok Cackling With His Tale About Having To Get Botox In His 'Booty Hole'

TikToker Nick Norcia regaled TikTok with a story about discovering that injecting Botox is a treatment for hemorrhoids.

TikToker Nick Norcia

We've all had a medical issue or two from time to time.

But there's "medical issues," and then there's having Botox injected into your butt hole, as a TikToker recently learned the hard way.

TikToker Nick Norcia has had the app rolling with laughter after telling the detailed tale of his plight as Los Angeles' next potential recipient of anal Botox.

You can see his video here:

As Norcia told his more than 400,000 followers, he suffers from a bit of a hemorrhoid problem--not ideal for anyone, of course, but particularly vexing for gay men because, you know, reasons.

The upshot--so to speak--for Norcia is that at least his doctor is hot. Any port in a storm, right?

Said hot doctor referred Norcia to a specialist for his hemorrhoid problem, who fixed him up in no time. The only problem was there was still something "visually there" as Norcia put it.

In short, healed hemorrhoids can sometimes leave behind skin tags and loose skin--not exactly an ideal look for a gay man for reasons you can probably suss out.

So the specialist devised a plan to treat Norcia's hemorrhoids for another month conventionally, and if that didn't work they could resort to another remedy for the issue.

A remedy that Norcia surely did not see coming.

A remedy that surely no one could possibly see coming.

Botox injections.

In his anus.

As Norcia put it himself in his TikTok:

“You heard me right. Botox on my booty hole."

Naturally, the idea of hitting the streets of West Hollywood to flaunt your freshly Botoxed butt hole to all the tops in the gay bars is inherently hilarious.

And people on TikTok were just as tickled by the notion as Norcia was.










However, as a fellow TikToker warned Norcia, the procedure is not without its side effects.


We wish Norcia the best of luck with this journey.