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Gay Man's Mom Asked Him What A 'Bussy' Was, And Then Made Him Hilariously Regret The Fake Answer He Gave Her

dolgachov/Getty Images

It's always a little dangerous to clue your parents into the gay lingo and slang.

You just never know what's going to come out of their mouths if you do.

And do you really want to run the risk of corrupting your cute mom with some graphic gay byword? She's too sweet for that kind of talk!

This is the dilemma which professional baker Jon Manganello recently found himself in when his mom asked him what "bussy" meant. The fake answer he gave her to protect her innocence yielded some truly hilarious mishaps.

Jon Manganello is the owner of Jonnycakes Bakery in West Hollywood, California, where he makes incredibly intricate, eye-popping, and often hilarious cakes.

So suffice to say, he's got a sense of humor, in addition to his baking prowess.

When his mom asked him what "bussy" was, Jon couldn't bring himself to tell his mom the, shall we say, very adult truth, so he told her it just meant "boy." But, of course, that is extremely not what "bussy" means.

It means...well...Urban Dictionary puts it pretty plainly and clearly:

"Slang term used by gay men to connote Boy-Pu**y. In reference to their anus."
"Bussy has been used for at least 15 years by gay men to describe their man hole of love!"


But of course, Jon's mom just took her son's word for it.

And hilarity ensued.

Things quickly spun out of control.

So Jon had to clue his mother in—after he stopped laughing and screaming, presumably.

And this is when we come to the twist—Jon's mom knew what bussy was the whole time.

She was just playing along.

And she even had her own suggestion for a new gay term for...well, bussy.

Thank God Jon put a stop to "bunt."

The internet, of course, admired mom's joke.

So there you have it. Jon Manganello's mom is the new gay icon.