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Gay Investment Banker Gets Dragged After He Fears That His Job Would Be Eliminated If Warren Or Sanders Is Elected

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Who cares about the systemic attacks on the rights of LGBTQ people in the United States as long as your high paying job isn't affected, right?

That's the attitude of self-proclaimed gay man Jason W anyway.

He decided to declare his opinion in The New York Times comment section.

In response to another post, Jason W stated:

"My life as a gay man is no different under Trump than it was under Obama."
"But if Warren or Sanders get their way, I'd probably have my investment banking job eliminated and be forced to work for lesser pay in some federal bureaucracy."
"No, thank you."


From there, his comment went to Twitter where it got plenty of attention.

Although no one was terribly surprised that a rich gay man couldn't care less about the rights of others in the LGBTQ community.


A few offered a translation for Jason W's comment.

Others were just disappointed that Jason W could overlook the rollback of LGBTQ protections against discrimination in federal jobs and the reinstatement of the transgender military ban and taking funds from HIV/AIDS programs to pay for Trump's family separation policy and revocation of protections for transgender children in schools and...

While others pointed to the many investment banking jobs available in actual socialist countries.

One thing in short supply however was sympathy.

Maybe if he eliminates fancy coffee and avocado toast and pulls himself up by his bootstraps, Jason W will be OK even with a President not intent on robbing from Social Security to fund tax breaks for the rich.

Courage, Jason W, we feel your pain.