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Guy's Refusal To Stop Watching 'Game Of Thrones' On Airplane Despite Mom's Request Leaves Internet Divided

Guy's Refusal To Stop Watching 'Game Of Thrones' On Airplane Despite Mom's Request Leaves Internet Divided

On the popular subreddit "Am I The A**hole?" many people seek advice from their fellow internet users after behaving in ways that may or may not be insensitive to others.

Normally, when someone asks if they were the a**hole, most of the subreddit agrees in one direction or the other.

Occasionally, however, an issue comes along which seems to divide the internet.

Reddit user SCM2323 brought up just such an issue.

SCM2323 posted their issue with the title "AITA for watching GoT on an airplane?"

"Two days ago, I was on a long-haul flight. I was sitting in an aisle seat. Since I haven't seen Games of Thrones yet, I was looking forward to binge watch the first season. I made myself comfortable and set up my tablet. An hour or two into watching, the woman two rows behind me tipped on my shoulder and told me that I need to turn it off immediately."
"A little bit confused, I asked why. She told me that her young son could see the show playing on my tablet and it's totally not suited for such young children because of the sex and violence involved in it. While I agree with that, I told her that I'm not going to turn it off. She then basically told me that I am an asshole for not considering other people around me. Is she right?"

A little later, OP returned to clarify a few points.

"Edit: I want to clarify a few things that were mentioned in the comments:"
"- I was wearing headphones all the time."
"- It was a flight with Swiss from Europe to a city in the United States. The in-flight entertainment system offered various movies and tv shows that were also not suited for children. However I have to admit that probably none was as bad as GoT. However, none of these shows was censored as far as I can tell."
"- I'm not sure exactly where (aisle, middle or window) the kid was sitting since it was behind me and I think they switched seats frequently."

Lord_Void_of_Evil didn't think OP (the original poster) had done anything wrong.

"NTA. Certainly, GoT is not appropriate for a child but this is a rather unreasonable request. She is two rows behind you it is not like it is just playing in the kid's face. She could have swapped seats with the kid or distracted him."
"If all else failed she could have politely asked if you would mind angling your tablet so he couldn't see it. Instead she jumped straight to telling you that you *had* to turn it off. That is entitlement right there. The world does not revolve around her child."

Blab411 agreed.

"NTA. I flew from Paris to Arizona and watched half a season of GoT. Why? Because it was provided by the airline. If it bothers her so much she could switch seats with her child so they can't see."

whatevscoundrel has been in similar situations with other people's kids and is sick of it.

"NTA I hate people with kids like this. seriously, I dont give a s*** about your kid. tell your kid to mind his business. as a person who has chosen not to have kids, i feel like people with kids are always expecting us to accommodate them because of their choice to procreate. it's so freaking annoying."
"I say good for you! she's definitely an a**hole. also, these people are the same people letting their damn kid blast baby effing shark 10,000 times on repeat without earbuds on the plane."

itsabeautifulsky actually thought OP was in the wrong on this one.

"YTA. this is one of those cases where being kind and considerate would have made you *kind and considerate* and disregarding other people for your own reasons makes you *selfish and inconsiderate*."
"I personally would agree that as a rule, in public, people shouldn't watch gory/sexual content out in the open. She made a polite request and you decided that watching GOT was more important than what discomfort people around you are feeling."
"So yeah, people are gonna bash the mom but from your own story you come off as more of an asshole than her."

scarninscrantoncity and others felt the issue was a simple one.

"YTA . it's common sense not to watch sexually explicit shows in public"

sassyrogue didn't necessarily agree with the mother, but thought OP's behavior wasn't good.

"YTA. Yeah, technically you don't have to turn it off. But you're still ta. Just find something else to watch. That was pretty selfish."

paperpieces felt both sides shared the blame around this issue.

"ESH - it's not considerate to watch a show like this in public. Not just because of kids, but many adults are bothered by violence, as well. However...the parent should have tried to fix the situation (blanket as others have suggested) or approached you in a more polite way rather than demanding that you turned it off."

pgh9fan also felt there were shades of gray at play.

"ESH is absolutely correct. I am not saying you have to watch Shreck or Aladdin, but you really should avoid GoT and its ilk. And she really has no business complaining. If you do watch something more adult, that's your business, not hers."

Dr_Jan_Itorr thought the airlines should have the final say.

"GOT is literally provided uncensored by multiple international airlines. His seat is his private space that he paid for and people who aren't being nosy can't see your screen. She could have easily just switched seats with her kid so he couldn't see it."

The internet battle over whether OP's behavior was acceptable rages on.

Who will win?

That's for posterity to say!

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