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Brutal Meme Compares Gabrielle Union To Candace Owens—And Union's Reaction Is All Of Us

The 'Bring It On' star couldn't help but laugh after someone posted a meme comparing her to right-wing podcaster Candace Owens.

Gabrielle Union; Screenshot of Candace Owens from "Gabrielle Confederacy" meme
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; @Laughin_Man/X

Actor Gabrielle Union, best known to many viewers for her starring role in Bring It On, couldn't help but laugh after someone posted a meme comparing her to right-wing podcaster Candace Owens.

Owens, who has previously dismissed racial issues despite her own experiences with racism while aligning herself with white supremacists, was the butt of the joke in a meme posted by X user @Laughin_Man.

The meme in question shows side-by-side pictures of Union and Owens, with the Union captioned "Gabrielle Union" and Owens captioned "Gabrielle Confederacy," a not too subtle jab toward which side Owens would take between the warring sides during the American Civil War.

Union loved the meme, responding with multiple emojis to express her own laughter.

You can see her post and the meme below.

Gabrielle Union/Gabrielle Confederacy meme@Laughin_Man/X

Others couldn't help but laugh, as well—or criticize Owens, for that matter.

Owens has long parroted white supremacist and white nationalist talking points.

Owens has gained notoriety for her outspoken criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement, characterizing its protesters as "a bunch of whiny toddlers, pretending to be oppressed for attention." She frequently accuses African Americans of adopting a victim mentality, often equating support for the Democratic Party to being on a "plantation."

Owens has asserted that the left-wing agenda promotes government dependency among Black communities and alleges that Black voters have been manipulated into supporting Democrats.

Additionally, Owens contends that instances of police brutality against Black individuals are not rooted in racism but are instead a response to perceived threats to officers' lives. She has also claimed that abortion serves as a tool for the extermination of Black babies.

Moreover, Owens argues that Black Americans are worse off economically today than during the Jim Crow era, attributing any economic improvements to former President Donald Trump's presidency. She downplays the significance of white supremacy and white nationalism, asserting that they are exaggerated issues compared to Black-on-Black crime and illiteracy rates.