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Fox News Graphic Accidentally Gave Trump A New First Name—And Twitter Pounced 😂

Screenshot Fox News/Twitter: @timstermatic

Laura Ingraham was discussing Time Magazine's "Person of the Year," when a graphic popped up showing people who had been considered, including Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Christine Blasey Ford, Robert Mueller and David Trump. Huh?

It seems the people over at the President's favorite news station had some trouble getting his name right. On the graphic under Donald Trump's photo the card read "David Trump." Now, we're not sure if this is simply a case of alternative facts or if the President has hastily changed his name, as more and more of his inner circle are being sent to prison.

Ironically, Time named "The Guardians," as Person of the Year for journalist fighting against the "war on truth."

Don't worry, we're sure no one will figure it out. In the meantime, Twitter is having a field day with the blooper.

We have certainly had our suspicions.

And then this glorious mashup was discovered.

Oh Twitter, sometimes it's just too good.