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Fox News Montage Features Trump Voters Ditching Trump For DeSantis–And Hoo Boy

Fox News Montage Features Trump Voters Ditching Trump For DeSantis–And Hoo Boy
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Octavio Jones/Getty Images

Fox News Digital recently posted a video of Arizona Trump voters saying they would support Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump in 2024...and it's a lot.

The three minute video was posted to the Fox News website ahead of Trump's rally in Arizona—which was postponed due to the death of his first wife Ivana Trump.

A voter identified as Jeff said of Trump:

"I like what he stands for; I like what he does. But he upset too many people, and he upset them really bad. So I don’t think he’s good for the party."

Another, identified as Susan, agreed—calling Trump "too polarizing."

"At this point, he’s a little too polarizing. There are candidates out there—Republican candidates, obviously—that may be able to pull in people that he would lose."

The real icing on the cake—and likely largest blow to Trump's ego—was one voter's suggestion for DeSantis' running mate:

"DeSantis [should] run for president, and if he wants to, then, he could pick up Donald as a vice president."

You can see the Fox News video here:

Several Twitter users expressed concern over the growing support for DeSantis.

Others were simply shocked by Fox News' apparent about-face on their support for Trump.

Everyone was kind of incredulous.

While there does seem to be a significant shift in GOP support for Trump, it remains to be seen how many party members decide to drop him in favor of DeSantis or another candidate.